Expression in Yeast


Yeast expression systems like Pichia pastoris are preferred tools for high expression of properly folded secretory proteins and limited production of endogenous secretory proteins.

It is a cost-effective eukaryotic expression system that allows both secretion expression and intracellular expression.  Post-translational modifications have been documented including glycosylation, phosphorylation, and acylation, that are key for biological activities.  It is particularly suitable for the expression and preparation of eukaryotic functional proteins such as defensin, interleukin and cytokines.  The often efficient secretion of properly folded proteins into the extracellular medium is often observed and allows production of high purity functional protein.


Service Description

All services include multiple steps from gene to purified protein as described in the table below.

Leadtime is approximately 9-12 weeks.




Description Resulting Material Average turnaround (*)
Gene synthesis
-Codon optimization
-Gene synthesis
-Cloning in standard pUC plasmid
-Complete sequencing
Cloned, synthesized and verified gene 2 weeks
Subcloning for expression
-Plasmid prep
-Clone selection
-Complete sequencing
-Transformation of Pichia pastoris
-Screening and strain creation.
Strain with target gene 3-4 weeks
Pilot expression
-Expression pilot and optimization experiments
-Choice of most suitable strain
-Adjust culture conditions
-Determine yields and protein behavior
10-50 µg of semi-purified protein 2-3 weeks
Expression and purification
-Protein extraction
-Protein purification
Purified protein 2-3 weeks

(*) Average production time for average difficult project. Actual turn around time varies with individual project features.