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How do I pay for my order?

Upon product delivery, our invoice is established against your purchase order number and sent to the invoicing address you have indicated. Our bank and payment information are shown on our invoice and we expect your payment within 30 days of invoice date. You may pay by wire transfer or cheque. Amounts invoiced are net of any bank fees.

Can I use a credit card for payment?

Unfortunately, we do not accept direct credit card payment. However, you may pay through paypal to our paypal account.

What is an Institutional Purchase Order?

Depending upon their purchasing policies and operating procedures, some organisations will raise a formal Purchase Order (PO) for buying laboratory and research products and services. This official form is numbered and stipulates suppliers’ contact details, shipping and billing adresses, it may or may not contain product details. Therefore where it is available, please raise a purchase order number with your administration and do have a copy faxed to us: +33 – 142 71 70 23. If your institution does not carry Central Purchase Order procedures, you may order online as well and further fax on letter head shipping and invoicing address details with quotation reference number if applicable.

Are there limitations as what country you ship to?

Other then International or E.U. bans, there are no limitations. And we have experience in shipping products to research institutions worldwide by express courier hand-delivery. If your institution does not have a Central Delivery Store, please provide as much detail as possible with regards to street, building, specific floor and room. Foremost important is that if we cannot use your details for hand delivery, you should provide a contact name and telephone number.

Would you provide a pro-forma invoice?

We would be glad to provide you with a pro-forma invoice. Please send us the billing and beneficiary information that you require as well as product description.

Will you charge me VAT in addition to the quote I received?

All our prices and quotations exclude VAT. Value Added Tax (VAT) is a sales tax that only applies to EU state members. We will not charge you VAT. As required by E.U. regulations, you must provide us with your institution’s VAT number or a copy of your VAT’s exemption certificate at the time of your ordering. If you cannot supply a valid registered VAT number, we must charge VAT on top of our quote price.

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