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Gene synthesis service offer

Custom synthetic genes from Genosphere Biotechnologies


Genosphere Biotechnologies' genes are produced in a multistep approach using our proprietaries Oligonucleotide Design application and macromolecular DNA assembly reactions.


1• All our synthetic genes are manufactured by total chemical synthesis starting with oligonucleotides.

2• The synthetic DNA is built and cloned into our standard pUC-derived plasmid or any vector of your choice.

3• Transformed colonies are screened, a first set of five positive clones are selected, amplified and purified.

4• Agarose gel electrophoresis run allows for size and flanking restriction site verification.

5• Your gene is then sequenced in both orientations and the fluorescence traces files are provided so you may verify sequence correctness.


All the sequences are guaranteed to be 100% accurate.



Standard gene synthesis service includes:

  • Codon optimization for heterologous expression: Optimize sequences towards a more favorable codon assortment and thus improving expression in your host.
  • Sequence design: Addition or removal of sequence features including N or C purification tags, removal of restriction sites, amino acid changes for structure activities studies, etc.
  • Total de novo gene synthesis to your specifications.
  • Cloning, screening, amplification and purification of your clone: our standard procedure includes cloning into a pUC-derived plasmid. Optionally, we would clone your gene into any vector that you would provide.
  • Complete double-strand sequencing of your gene

5 µg of purified plasmid DNA, sequencing data and full synthesis report.



Mutagenesis Services


With this service, we would introduce any types of mutation into your gene(s) of interest.


Site-directed mutagenesis

♦  Directed single point missense mutations: transitions / transversions - conservative/non-conservative

♦  Simultaneous multiple directed point mutations

♦  Directed in-frame deletions or insertions

♦  5'- / 3'- in-frame troncations

♦  5'- / 3'- additions-fusions


Random mutagenesis

Point missense mutations may be introduced in a random fashion within a localized region of your target ORF.

Deliverables include 5 µg of purified individual plasmid DNA and double-stand sequencing data for every variant.


Applications are numerous including:

  • Tags introduction
  • Fusion protein design
  • Function and activity studies and possibly optimisation
  • Domain swaps
  • knockout studies

Complementary services:


Subcloning Services

Basic gene synthesis order includes cloning of your DNA into a standard pUC-derived plasmid.  Alternatively, we can clone your DNA sequence into any vector of your choice:

  • Expression vectors
  • Protein purification Tag
  • Fluorescent protein fusion

 Your gene will thus be ready to use in your experiment.  For complex cloning design involving multiple fragments you may want us to perform the experiments for you.

We would require you to provide 5 ug of your purified vector and sequence information.



Plasmid Preparation Services

Basic gene synthesis order includes the delivery of 5 µg of purified cloned plasmid.


Large scale DNA preparation is available at attractive price.



Plasmid Preparation50 µg
Plasmid Preparation100 µg
Plasmid Preparation500 µg
Plasmid Preparation1 mg