How long will it take to get my peptide? Dispatch time will vary with length, scale, purity, and modifications ordered. Our average turn around time for 15-20 aa peptides, 25 mg with purities>95% is approximately 3 weeks.

Can I have special vialing for my peptides? Yes, we may vial your peptides under any particular conditions. Please contact us with your requirements and we will quote a very competitive price.

Can you synthesize cyclic peptides? We routinely synthesize peptides with cys-cys disulfide bridge cycles or head to tail lactam cycles.

Can you synthesize peptides in 96-wells format for screening purposes? We routinely prepare custom peptide libraries in 96-wells micro plate formats, fully MS caracterized. Please contact us with your project details and we will quote a very competitive price.

I need to order many peptides, do you have special offers? Yes, we do have a special offers for larger orders that you may benefit from and thus gain substantial savings for your order. Please contact us with your requirements and we will quote a very competitive price.

Could you tell me how soluble my peptide will be in my buffer? Aqueous solution solubility of peptides is not a predictable characteristic. As detailed in the Peptide storage handling guidelines, for unknown sequences we would recommend 1 to 10 mg/ml initial attempt in sterile water.

What analytical data will you suply with my peptides? Every peptide undergoes stringent quality control procedures including analytical HPLC and mass spectrometry which accompanied all peptides.

How should I store my peptide? While lyophilized at 4°C is acceptable for short term storage, we recommend as optimum long term storage: Lyophilized at -20°C. Please review our Peptide storage handling guidelines for more details.