Ordering Guideline


►  Pricing

A set up fee (minimum charge) applies that includes the first 5 residues. The latter is sufficient for confirmation sequencing. If you are studying an unknown protein and wish to search databases for homologous sequences we would then recommend at least an additional 5 residues for useful database search results. Please contact us for an offer.

►  Sending your sample 

A sample submission form is available for your convenience: here

Please send your PVDF membrane(s) or tube(s), clearly labelled and wrapped with parafilm in a padded envelope. Include your Institutional Purchase Order (mandatory) and the sample submission form or a letter describing your sample(s) and indicating the number of residues you wish to sequence. Should you require a database search, please indicate protein details (species, suspected family, etc.).

  ♦  PVDF samples: copy marking band(s) of interest, approximate size, amount loaded.

  ♦  Solution samples: sample name, approximate size, total amount (µg), concentration (µg/µl), volume (µl) and solution content (H2O, buffers…).



►  Please send at room temperature using express courier or postal services to:

(Receiving: rue Denis Gogue)
52 rue du Moulin de Pierre
F-92140 Clamart
tel: 01 42 71 70 21 (local dialing)

For a faster processing of your order and safer tracking of your samples, please advise our Customer Services office of your sending a sample with courier package tracking number if available: