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Welcome to our Protein Expression Division.

 Your knowledgeable partner for your heterologous protein expression projects.


Benefit from our Biotechnologies team's many years experience in the fields of bioinformatics, molecular biology, expression systems knowledge and protein purification with guaranteed target proteins, backed up by strong QC procedures.


We offer a complete range of custom recombinant protein production services.

• Genetic engineering: development of DNA sequences for optimal heterologous expression.

• 5 expression systems available.

• A wide choice of tags: N-terminal and/or C-terminal end.

• A fast and economical service.

Five expression systems available to fit your research needs
Escherichia coli Yeast-Pichia pastoris Baculovirus-Insect Mammalian cells In vitro
The expression of proteins in E. coli is the easiest and quickest approach First choice for expression of eukaryotic proteins with simple post-translational modifications Best system for larger MW eukaryotic proteins with post-translational modifications HEK or CHO cells expression of more complex proteins Cell-free, well suited for expression toxic and/or transmembrane protein
Low cost Low cost Moderate cost High cost High cost




>>>  Recombinant protein services - features:

  Starting from your amino-acid sequence or Protein Database Accession number.

Codon-optimisation of your sequence for hetelogous expression.

Include purification tag and/or detection tag :  N-terminal and/or C-terminal.

Full characterisation:  SDS PAGE and WESTERN blot.

Additional services: Tag and fusion protein removal, endotoxin removal.

Larger scale capacities: 10-100 mg.


Fast and affordable schedule:

     1- ORF design: optimisation, purification tags etc.

     2- Gene synthesis and characterisation.

     3- Subcloning into an expression vector.

     4- Protein expression assay and optimisation.

     5- Protein purification and characterisation.