Quotes & Orders

Pricing and quotation 

All sequences are subject to technical evaluation and are quoted individually.
You may use our Online Quotation Form 
Or if you wish to e-mail or fax, please indicate sequences (N to C terminus), mg amount, purity level, and modifications required.

Product delivery 

All peptides are lyophilized, weighted and shipped by express courier at RT with a complete synthesis report that includes, an analytical reversed-phase HPLC trace (UV detection at 220 nm).


An Online Order Form is available for your convenience.
For administrative purposes, we do require a copy (EMAIL/PDF) of your institutional purchase order in all cases. Please write sequences N to C termini and kindly use one-letter code designation of amino acids for quotation requests and orders.

Alanine ala A Leucine leu L
Arginine arg R Lysine lys K
Aspargine asn N Methionine met M
Aspartic acid asp D Phenylalanine phe F
Cysteine cys C Proline pro P
Glutamic acid glu E Serine ser S
Glutamine gln Q Threonine thr T
Glycine gly G Tryptophan trp W
Histidine his H Tyrosine tyr Y
Isoleucine ile I Valine val V