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Genosphere Biotechnologies: peptide synthesis service company for biologically active peptides, long peptides, hydrophobic peptides, pegylated peptide , cyclic peptides, phosphopeptides, peptide labelling fluorescent, isotope labeled peptide, fret.

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Our peptide chemists team has a long successful trackRequest your custom peptide synthesis quote, modified peptide, biologically active, long peptides, hydrophobic peptides, D-form, pegylated peptide, cyclic peptide, phosphopeptides, biotin labeled peptide, fluorescent, heavy isotope labeled peptides. record for preparing biologically active molecules, including long peptides, hydrophobic sequences, and difficult unusual chemical structures that is well documented by our published literature citation. 


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   Peptide syntheses - Specifications

High-quality services: Our peptides, monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, genes, recombinant proteins are manufactured using the highest quality materials and undergo rigorous Quality Control testing to ensure their purity and consistency.  ►  Synthesis using solid phase resin and Fmoc chemistry.
  ►  Standard sequence length from 5 to 30 aa.
  ►  Routine sequence length from 31 to 60 aa.
  ►  Maximum length about 100 aa.
  ►  Peptide amounts from a few mg to several grams.
  ►  Guaranteed levels of purity >70%, >80%, >90%, >95% and a unique >99% purity level.
  ►  Large range of structural modifications, labels, cyclic peptides.
  ►  NH2 et COOH standard termini.
  ►  Peptides are supplied as stable lyophilised powder.
  ►  HPLC trace, mass spectrum & solubility test with every peptide.
  ►  Fast turn around: 2 weeks for a 15 aa long peptide.
  ►  Affordable peptide libraries in 96-well microplates with MS for every peptide.