Turn Around Time

Dispatch time will vary with sequence difficulties, amount of plasmid required and chosen cloning vehicle. Our average turn around is shown in the table below, for standard service with cloning into our pUC-derived vector. Please allow an extra week if custom cloning is required.

Gene < 1kb 1 week
Gene 1 to 2 kb approx 2 weeks
Gene 2 to 3 kb 2 to 3 weeks
Fig 3. A 1000 bp gene was synthesized with poly[AT]50 tail.

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Some sequences may prove difficult to synthesize or clone and turn around time may vary accordingly. In particular, DNA with high GC or AT (>75%) content, or special structural features such as repeats, homopolymer stretches may lead to longer production time. Our customers are well advised when difficulties are encountered and product is delayed.