Genosphere Biotechnologies:  Gene syntesis, performance and expertise
Genosphere Biotechnologies:  Welcome to our Gene Synthesis Division.


Welcome to our Gene Synthesis Division. 

Your knowledgeable partner for your gene synthesis projects.


Benefit from our gene synthesis team's many years experience in the fields of bioinformatics, molecular biology, and nucleic acid chemistry with unconditionally guaranteed sequences, backed up by strong QC procedures.

We offer a complete range of genetic engineering services

  • sequence design
  • subcloning in any vector
  • site-directed mutagenesis
  • gene variants design
  • large scale plasmid preparations.



Gene Synthesis Division►  Sequence design and codon optimization.

►  Total de novo gene synthesis to your requirements.

►  Standard sequence synthesis from 0.5 to 5 kb.

►  Standard cloning into a high copy number, AmpR or KanR, pUC-derived plasmid.

►  Custom cloning into any vector of your choice.

►  Standard amount: 5 µg of your plasmid clone.

►  Double-strand sequencing data with every gene.

►  Affordable plasmid production services.

►  Efficient site directed mutagenesis of your provided gene (cDNA,…).

►  Fast turn around: approx. 2 weeks for a 1 kb gene.

►  Affordable, fully controlled gene variant libraries.