Anti-Protein Antibodies (antigen provided)

Figure 5. WESTERN blot analysis. Semi-purified protein antigen was provided as shown on the coomassie-stained polyacrylamide gel. We further purified the the 48 kDa protein of interest to > 90% purity and used it to raise polyclonal antibodies in guinea pig. The resulting antiserum was diluted 1/2000 for WESTERN blot analysis of the provided protein extract. The blot reveals a single band as expected.

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Standard offer

This service includes the following features:

  • Immunization of 2 animals with your antigen

    • Rabbits: 60-100 ml of ELISA titered antiserum
    • Guinea pigs: 5-15 ml of ELISA titered antiserum
    • Rats: 3-5 ml of ELISA titered antiserum
    • Mice: 2-3 ml of ELISA titered antiserum

  • Pre-immune control serum
  • ELISA data

Provided antigen samples

Antigens may be supplied in solution, lyophilized, as gel slice, inclusion bodies, insoluble aggregates, GST/His fusions, protein conjugates, etc. It should be noted that small proteins (<10 kDa), peptides, organic molecules need to be conjugated to a carrier protein in order to elicit a good immune response in animals.

Sample requirements

For protein antigens >10 kDa: 5 mg of protein should be provided for hen and rabbit antibodies, 2.5 mg for guinea pig and rat antibodies and 2 mg for mouse antibodies (solubilized or lyophilized). A minimum concentration of 1 mg/ml is required. Buffered NaCl solutions are preferred. Please dialyze out any urea, imidazole or sodium azide.

Quality control

Final ELISA are performed on your antisera and pre-immune sera for individual animals and we guarantee a minimum good titer for all your projects. A detailed ELISA report is supplied with every project and complete instruction and reagents used are described so you can reproduce the analyses.