About Genosphere Biotech.

With headquarters near Paris, France, Genosphere Biotechnologies is serving life science researchers worldwide. It was established in 1997 as a scientific service laboratory of experienced organic chemists and biochemists providing custom peptide synthesis, DNA synthesis, DNA and protein sequencing. Genosphere Biotechnologies has become a highly regarded partner in the supply of custom reagents and bioanalytical services for the life science research and industry. With the further build up of our skilled and dedicated team of immunochemists, Genosphere Biotechnologies was quickly able to offer high quality custom antibodies production and immunochemical services for basic bioscience research.

Customer Services Commitment 

Genosphere Biotechnologies endeavors to serving our customer needs with a unique personalized approach. Our staff scientists are available and will do their best to respond to your questions and share their expertise in organic synthesis regarding peptide cyclization strategies, immunological techniques, antigenicity and optimum immunogenic responses, total IgG purification affinity chromatography, codon optimization, cloning strategy.