Expression in Yeast


Yeast is a very economical Eukaroytic expression system that presents many post-translational modifications yielding functional proteins.  Because protein biological activity is highly dependent upon proper folding and specific glycosylations as well as other modifications (phosphorylation, acetylation, etc), yeast expression system may be a beneficial alternative to bacterial expression. 

Genosphere Biotechnologies’ team will express your protein either as secreted heterologous protein or through intracellular expression.


Service description

All services include multiple steps from gene to purified protein as described in the table below.

The production of a protein takes about approximately 10-12 weeks.

Description Resulting Material Average turnaround (*)
Gene Synthesis Stage
-Codon optimization
-Gene synthesis
-Cloning in standard pUC plasmid
-Complete sequencing
Cloned, synthesized and verified gene 1-2 weeks
Subcloning in Expression Vector Stage
-Plasmid prep
-Subcloning in expression vector
-Clone selection
-Complete sequencing
Expression vector with cloned target gene 2-3 weeks
Pilot Expression Stage
-Expression vector prep
-Transformation using 3 different strains
-Small scale expression and optimization experiments
-Determine yields and protein behavior
10-50 µg of semi-purified protein 2-3 weeks
Expression and Purification Stage
-Scale up culture
-Protein extraction
-Protein purification
0.5-5 mg of purified protein
Purity >80% or >90%
2-3 weeks


(*) Estimated production time for project of average difficulty. Actual turn around time varies with individual project features.