Products & Services

Genosphere Biotechnologies is a service laboratory of highly experienced organic chemists and biochemists dedicated to providing affordable Custom Products and Services for research of the highest quality.

We support this dedication with cost-effective pricing and extensive quality control testing and a commitment to customer service.

We have gained the trust of so many life science laboratories worldwide for over ten years, that we feel very confident in asking you to give us chance to convince you as well.

You will never have to change supplier again.

Custom Peptides Synthesis

Our peptide chemists team has a long successful track record for preparing biologically active molecules, including very long peptides, very hydrophobic sequences, and difficult unusual chemical structures that is well documented by our published literature citation.

>> Custom Peptides Synthesis

Custom Antibodies Production

Your research projects require many antibodies; here is the high quality standards and cost-saving place you have been looking for. Our established immunization protocols & procedures have enabled us to deliver our customers with optimal, consistent quality antibodies for many years and to enjoy a long track record of successful antibodies as attested by the numerous published literature citations every year.

>> Custom Antibodies Production

Custom Gene Synthesis

Our gene synthesis team has many years experience in the fields of bioinformatics, molecular biology, and nucleic acid chemistry and we offer unconditionally guaranteed sequences, backed up by strong QC procedures.

>> Custom Gene Synthesis

Protein expression and purification services

Enjoying over 15 years of successful gene synthesis services and protein expression as antigens for antibodies production, Genosphere Biotech is pleased to offer a full range services of recombinant protein expression.

>> Protein expression and purification services