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Pricing and quotation

Genosphere Biotechnologies endeavors to offer cost-effective custom antibodies production that fit your needs. We offer discounts for larger volume orders. Contact us with your project details and we will work with you to select the most suitable service offer.

A quotation form is a available online for your convenience: Antibodies quote request


An Online Order Form is available for your convenience.

  • Anti-peptide Polyclonal Antibodies
    Simply provide us with your sequence(s) of interest and we will start the procedures.
  • Anti-protein polyclonal antibodies: sending your sample
    Please send your sample clearly marked and wrapped with parafilm in a padded envelope. Include your Institutional Purchase Order and a letter describing your samples (mass amount, solution content, concentration if applicable).

Please provide a minimum of 5 mg of protein antigen for rabbits and chickens antibodies, 2.5 mg for guinea pigs and rats antibodies and 2 mg for mice antibodies.

Please send it using express delivery courier or postal services to: 

37 rue de Sevres 
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

For a faster processing of your order and safer tracking of your samples, please advise our Customer Services of your sending a sample with courier airway bill number if available: info@genosphere-biotech.com.
Receipt of your samples is confirmed to you by e-mail and an approximate date of completion is released.